List of Facilities

Teaching and Learning

STDC provides various facilities such as lecture halls/classrooms, computer labs, PLC labs, electronic labs, wiring bay, automotive workshop, motorcycle workshop, air conditioning workshop, beauty workshop as well as culinary & pastry kitchen.

Surau As-Salam

Surau As-Salam can accommodate as many as 400 people for prayers in a 3,000 square foot space.

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities in STDC consists of the football field, futsal, netball, handball, sepak takraw and basketball courts.


The auditorium can fit as many as 500 people at a time. It is typically used for official College events.

Mini Auditorium

The mini auditorium can fit as many as 60 people at a time.

Corporate Room

The room can fit as many as 50 people at one time.

Resource Centre

As of the end of 2016, the library had a collection of 1,000 titles of printed materials. This collection includes reference materials related to technical fields such as automotive, electrical, electronic, beauty, mechanical, manufacturing, and ICT. There are also collections in scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, as well as general reading materials.

E-Learn Portal

The E-Learn Portal is a platform for teachers and students to share teaching and learning materials, as well as to serve as a two-way interaction medium between teachers and students for any issues or questions between students and teachers.


The STDC cafeteria provides a variety of food options for all campus residents. There are three cafeterias available for students, and one of them is specifically for STDC staff and visitors.

Dormitory Facilities

STDC provides on-campus accommodation facilities for its students. There are separate hostels for male and female students. Male students are prohibited from entering the female hostel, and vice versa. Each hostel is equipped with furniture and is monitored by staff and security guards.