List of Students​

Learn In STDC

STDC provides a positive learning environment and a friendly community for students from diverse backgrounds and interests. On campus, there are numerous activities and modern facilities to help students grow and achieve their full potential.

Educational Funding

We believe that every individual has the right to equal opportunities. Therefore, we have provided assistance to students in paying the college fees, which are of two types.

STDC Convocation

After completing their studies at STDC, students will undergo the tradition of the Convocation Ceremony to receive their official certificate of completion. Follow the following guidelines to ensure that your Convocation Ceremony can be carried out smoothly.

STDC Alumni 

After completing their studies, STDC graduates will automatically become valid STDC alumni. There is no registration form to become an STDC Alumni (ALIIC), but each graduate is required to fill out an ‘Alumni Information Form’ that will be provided during the Convocation Ceremony.