Students who graduate from STDC will be invited to attend the Convocation Ceremony.

1. Male Graduate’s Dress Code

  • Academic robes are provided by the College to be loaned to every male graduate.
  • It is mandatory to wear a white button-up shirt with a necktie and black long pants.
  • Closed-toe black shoes and black socks are required.
  • Hair should be cut short, neatly brushed, and not touching the collar of the shirt or ears.
  • Graduates with hair dyed in colours other than black are not allowed to enter.


2. Female Graduate’s Dress Code

  • Academic robes are provided by the College to be loaned to every female graduate.
  • Muslim graduates are required to wear baju kurung and hijab (tudung).
  • Non-Muslim graduates should wear modest attire, avoid flashy outfits, and have their hair neatly tied.
  • Closed-toe shoes with heel height not exceeding two inches should be worn.
  • Graduates are not allowed to wear sandals.
  1. The collection of STDC robes will take place one day before the convocation ceremony, specifically after the rehearsal concludes.
  2. Graduates are encouraged to iron/press the robe upon receiving it to ensure it appears smooth. If the robe is torn, the graduate will be responsible for the cost of the robe.
  3. All robes must be returned in good condition after the Convocation Ceremony, before 1:00 PM on the same day.
  4. A fine of RM10.00 will be imposed on graduates upon late returns of the robe, and a charge of RM1.00 will be applied for each subsequent day.
  5. Graduates who wish to take commemorative photos with their families can do so after receiving the robe (before the convocation day) or in the designated STDC studio located in the spacious hall area after the ceremony.
  6. Graduates are not allowed to alter or modify any part of the borrowed STDC robe. If any alterations are found, a fee will be charged.
  1. Graduates who attend the award ceremony are required to register with the Registration Committee before the commencement of the event (as early as 8:00 AM).
  2. Each graduate will be given a name card.
  3. The name card should be kept safely and presented to the event emcee before the graduates receive their respective folders.

It will be communicated later in the convocation offer letter.

  1. Each graduate will be provided with one invitation card on the convocation rehearsal day and will be allowed to bring two (2) guests only on that day. Guests are required to bring and present the invitation card to the guest registration personnel for entry into the hall. Guests without the invitation card will not be allowed to enter the hall.
  2. Graduates are advised to inform their parents/guests to dress formally/nationally complete/with long-sleeved shirts or in a neat and respectable manner.
  3. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed inside the hall.
  4. Parking spaces should be used according to the instructions given by the traffic safety department. Guests must ensure that their vehicles do not obstruct the passage of other vehicles.
  1. Taking any pictures inside the convocation hall during the ceremony is strictly prohibited.
  2. Only professional photographers appointed by STDC are allowed to take pictures inside the hall.
  3. Photographs will be taken twice, during the moment the graduate receives the certificate and before descending from the stage.
  4. After the convocation ceremony ends, graduates will have a group photo session with the professional photographer.
  5. If graduates wish to take photos with family members outside the designated area, they are allowed to do so but must make their own arrangements. If they require the services of the appointed professional photographer from STDC, fees will apply.
  1. Graduates are required to attend the Rehearsal Ceremony, which will take place one day before the main ceremony at 9:30 am in the Perak Jubilee Hall, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Building (SUK), Shah Alam.
  2. The attendance of graduates at the rehearsal is mandatory to determine their designated positions and to practise the actual ceremony procedures. Graduates who do not attend the rehearsal will not be allowed into the convocation hall on the day of the main ceremony. The convocation fee paid will not be refunded.
  3. Ensure that graduates’ hair and attire comply with the specifications outlined in the General Student Guidelines and Regulations.
  4. Graduates will receive a briefing and demonstration on the procedures for receiving their folders on stage according to their respective departments, which will be announced.